Savour the flavour: How to store your lamb

Savour the flavour: How to store your lamb

New to Victoria Hill Lamb or ordering your meat in a box? Here are some guidelines on how to savour the flavour of your lamb from the day it arrives, to the day it's devoured. Let's get started on the basics.

The Fridge
Leave your lamb to defrost in the vacuum pack and then once defrosted, place it straight into the fridge. If you have opened the packet, remove all the plastic packaging and transfer the lamb onto a plate. You want to cover the lamb loosely with glad wrap and place it on the lowest shelf of the fridge (away from any cooked food). 
How long will it last?

  • Sausages: 2 days
  • Chops: 2–3 days
  • Lamb rack, bone-in roasts and the shanks: 3–4 days
  • Unopened vacuum-packed lamb: 8-12 weeks (Check use by dates on package or label)

Recommended fridge temp: 4°C to 5°C

The Freezer
Normally you would need to prep your lamb before you put it in the freezer but not when you order from Victoria Hill Lamb. Our lamb boxes are conveniently split into meal-sized portions for between 2 and 6 people. Our lamb is snap-frozen in specialised packaging, ensuring the quality of meat is never compromised
How long will it last?

  • Sausages: 1–2 months
  • Chops: 2–3 months
  • Boned and rolled roasts, bone-in roasts and unopened vacuum packs: 4–6 months
  • All cooked lamb dishes: 1 month

Recommended freezer temp: -18°C to -15°C

Ever wondered why fresh lamb is ok to freeze for longer than cooked lamb?
Well, we use flavours like onions and garlic in our recipes. In the freezer, these flavours oxidise and taint over time, making your cooked dish taste a little off.

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