Our Livestock

Originally from Cunnamulla in South West Queensland, the Schmidt family now call home the green pastures of Victoria Hill, Queensland.

We purchased a farm on the Darling Downs to follow our dream of supplying delicious lamb direct to our city cousins and country folk alike. With life becoming increasingly busy, it's easy to lose touch with the provenance of our food. We believe it is time for us to reconnect. For us, it is not just about serving good food but about knowing where our food has come from.

We are a family business that loves living in the country and want to share the delicious, wholesome food we take for granted every day. Our respect for the land and our animals is our passion, every day we get to do what we love and call it work.

The Schmidt family from Victoria Hill Lamb

Our practices

If there’s one thing we've learnt, it is the value of happy sheep.

One of our most valued principles is how we treat our sheep, because we love animals and we love eating great tasting meat. We are a dedicated team, which includes a full-time vet, ensuring absolute top levels of animal welfare.

Our sheep are raised on grass on family farms throughout southern Queensland. We feed them in our yards for just 60 days to ensure maximum tenderness and consistency of flavour of our meat. Our feed yards have been custom designed to ensure they meet the high standards of animal health and wellbeing we expect. Using modern feeding practices, we ensure the best possible comfort and nutrition of our sheep.

We have adopted 'The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare', as advocated by RSPCA Australia, to ensure we are meeting both the physical and mental needs of our sheep:

Freedom from hunger and thirst.
Freedom from discomfort.
Freedom from pain, injury and disease.
Freedom to express normal behaviour.
Freedom from fear and distress.

Victoria Hill Sheep

Our feed mix

You may be wondering what grass raised, grain fed actually means.

Our sheep are fed a customised high quality mix of barley, corn and molasses under the supervision of an experienced sheep nutritionist. All components of the mix are sourced locally, which directly supports Darling Downs farmers.

We feed our sheep in this way for between 20-60 days. This ensures the quality of the meat as well as producing a consistent flavour and maximum tenderness.

Victoria Hill Grain Fed Lamb Mix