Our Capacity 

Victoria Hill Lamb is the largest lamb finishing operation in Queensland. We have grown from 40,000 lambs per year to more than 80,000 head per year. We produce a wide range of standard cuts and customised cuts for customers with specific product requirements. We manage all orders, and associated deliveries. 

Our Farms and Farmers

We work with a loyal and long-standing group of sheep farmers located throughout central and western QLD, northern and far west NSW. Livestock provides the livelihood for our farmers and they raise animals with the greatest care and to the highest welfare standards as set out in the RSPCA's five freedoms of animal welfare. 


The Region

Victoria Hill Lamb sits on 200 acres in the Darling Downs region of southern Queensland. The temperate climate is very well suited to raising animals. Located on the Dalrymple creek it has some of the best alluvial flood plains in Australia. It is here that we grow and source our ration ingredients to ensure our lambs receive only the best quality feed.

Why supply us

We offer our lamb suppliers a competitive and easy to follow Lamb Payment Schedule with no surprises. Our requirements of supply follow a standard procedure which is easy to comply with and practical. We set high professional standards and make agreements that are honest and fair and we value the strength of the supplier relationships we’ve developed during this time.

Lamb Varieties 

We are predominantly interested in dorper, dohnes and merino lambs, which we purchase in at 30-50kgs & 50kgs respectively. Selling lambs to VHL means that we come to you to collect the animals and you are paid over a public weighbridge at Victoria Hill. We are always looking for new suppliers throughout QLD and NSW and encourage you contact us if you would like to get involved with VHL.

Custom Feeding 

Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our operations, including custom feeding. With over 130 years of experience in the sheep industry spanning five generations, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our custom feeding program. Our feed mix has been carefully formulated by our dedicated sheep nutritionist, ensuring that it meets the nutritional requirements and performance targets of our lambs. We continuously review and adjust the feed mix to optimise results and maintain consistency in flavour and quality.

The health and performance of our sheep are paramount, which is why our team assesses them daily, overseen by our on-site veterinarian. We adhere to 'The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare,' advocated by RSPCA Australia, ensuring that both the physical and mental needs of our sheep are met at all times.

Dorpers lambs at Victoria Hill Lamb